Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well, firstly i'd like to say hello and welcome you all to my blog....
I'm going to offer reviews on things from movies to gadgets to books to.......well......whatever i can think of to review :)

Hopefully you'll find my posts usefull and be maybe you'll wanna try the things out for yourself!

whatever the outcome from reading this, feel free to leave comments and follow my blog for future reviews (and potential ramblings..)

Well i suppose i should start as i mean to finish, my first review is going to be about family guy, well, i can't really say this is a review...... this is more me telling you how amazing family guy is!!!! and to be honest, if you don't already know that i suggest you get your head out of whatever bucket it has obviously been in over recent years!!
I think family guy is so renowned i don't really have to give a description as to what it's about........ if you don;t already know, think simpsons....... after hours!!

Firstly, check this clip out...... from the episode "stewroids" where Stewie gets pumped full of juice and naturally.... it goes to his head!

Another side splittingly funny episode is where Brian owes Stewie money and he loses his frekin mind and goes to town on Brian in a way that would make Al Capone cringe!!

And if you haven't seen this clip or the episode it came from, watch this and have fun trying to get the damn song out of your head!

well, there's a few little tasterd from the best show ever to grace a T.V screen, let's be honest, when that chap invented the T.V, he had shows like family guy on his mind.... he knew what he wanted and what he had to do to get it. Just a shame he had to put all that effort in really!
But yeah, if you haven't watched family guy before i suggest you sit your ass down and school yourself on how amazing it is!!
and if you already know how amazing it is...... why are you still reading this??? get your ass watching that shizzle too!!!!!!

check out more family guy slips on the youtube link -------------->
also check out the scouse toy story ones, if you're english, you'll laugh your t*ts off!!! ^_^

peace out for now x