Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday afternoon siesta....

Good atfernoon, everyone. Well the lords day of rest is finally here! (to be honest, every other day is MY day of rest, but i still like to milk sundays)
Lets be honest, the only people who really want to do anything on sundays are churchgoers or car-booters!!! you know the type, up at 5am to go to some groggy sheep shit covered field in the middle of nowhere to go and make maybe £30 selling your old crap to some other fool who'll probably never use it just as much as you didn't!!
I lost count of the ammount of time i got dragged to them as a kid...... it was torture!! the only comfort being that i may, and i mean f*ckin MAY....get a bag of mini doughnuts at some point during our rounds!!
Oh, i'd maybe get a toy or something, nothing extravaggent though let me tell you...... some of the things i got from boot sales looked like they'd been through the wars!!
World famous car boot
But seriously now, what kind of parent does that to a child week in week out for a few months my dad would have said... "there's perfect weather for booting" .......gimme a break :/
The mini doughnnuts were pretty good though, a small but tasty perk for this otherwise soul destroying experience!!
OHHHHH dear... i almost forgot the pork bap man. What's the pork bap man i hear you ask?? well.... yeah suppose you worked it out already. He sells baps.... it really is the ingenious :P
These were no ordinary pork sarnies though. The pork was always good with a decent bit of crackilin.... topped with a dollop of stuffing and a dash if appple sauce..... HEAVEN....... like angels deficating on your tongue!! haha

Well thats enough about car boots. It's sunday afternoon and i have no idea what to do :(
typical sunday, nothing on t.v and no one to hang out with...... however, i do have COD..... but do i really want to waste away another sunday sitting in front of a screen playing army against people all over the world..... guess that was a stupid question really.... OF COURSE I DO!!!!!!   catch ya later peeps

peace out x