Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday morning......i dunno...some other word beginning with M....

God morning there ladies and gents (and those who are unfortunate enough to be he-she's....or, shims as they are better known!)
Well it's that time again, the weekends finished all too quickly and saturdays hangover is well and truely gone so that promise of "never partying again" that you made to yourself, will quite clearly go out the window this friday!!! :)

I don't know what it is that makes mondays so shite, it's just like any other day really..... bar the fact you've just had a few days off, and you've still got to work all week and time drags out like you're waiting for death all day. But yeah, other than that mondays are great i think!! :S

Well today i want to write about online poker. The online game that makes you feel like you could well become a millionare because the devilfish aint got shizzle on you!!! that is until your pocket aces get beat by a 2,7 off suite that some fool decided to go all in with.....
Yes, all of you who have played at online poker will know what i mean!!
Poker is a game of both chance and skill..... but some of these sons of not nice women, really don't get the skill/luck ratio right.... they completely skip the skill part!!!
Anyway, i wont keep rambling about my incredible tallent of picking up bad beats, i'm going to give you a little review/write up of my favourite poker site, which is where i spend the vast majority of my free time (losing to noobs) is the worlds biggest, most popular online poker room out there! and for good reason. The software it uses isn't the most eye catching, but there are so many offers available to old and new customers and there is always a good game on for you to get into, wether you're looking for low  or high stakes!!
I joined the site a few years back before it became so popular. A lot has changed since then and the main one being all the tournaments and stuff they've boosted!
No matter what time of day you log in, there's big pot tournaments, low spot..... freerolls and tournaments rewarding VIP players (people who deposit often and play in many raked hands)
Just recently pokerstars gave away a lamborghini in one of their tournaments... which to get through to the final, contestants had to get through sattelites! some of which were free.... how cool is that!!
They also have freeroll tournaments every couple of hours, with plenty of tickets to a $2,000 tournament of your choice available to be won!!
The incentives offered by pokerstars are also really good. For every raked hand you play, you earn FPP's (frequent player points) these can be used to purchase things from their online store, or even for entry into cash tournaments.... for example, 10FPP's can get you entry into a $500 tournament. And these things run every 30 minutes or so!!!
There's tournaments and games for different types of poker all day, so it's always convenient no matter what type of poker you enjoy!!

Well hopefully this has wet your appetie and mde you wanna try your hand at on line poker. A few other good sites are:
                     full tilt
                     party poker

maybe me and you will be head to head at a final tournament one day.... if that is the case.... ima take all your chips..ahaaaaaaaaa

peace out x


  1. I was on my way to becoming a millionaire on online poker.
    I was bankrupt within 24 hours.

  2. i wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad

  3. It's good to see that you're beating inertia today :)

  4. probs going to start playing some online poker pretty soon. wish me luck :P

  5. good follow up post to yesterday's

  6. Thanks for the update... btw, Beating Inertia has a new Q&A post!

  7. I enjoyed your point of view in this post

  8. I liked your perspective in this one... I'm going to have to agree with you

  9. I liked what you said on my blog earlier today... GTL and blogging FTW!

  10. Keep up the good work! If you like bubbles, check out my other blog, Enhanced by MS Paint!

  11. Cool. I've heard of this place but never knew much about it. I'll have to practice becoming filthy rich online! Haha.

  12. i like online poker! my dad plays it ALL the time! as long your not gambling real money!