Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday morning......i dunno...some other word beginning with M....

God morning there ladies and gents (and those who are unfortunate enough to be he-she's....or, shims as they are better known!)
Well it's that time again, the weekends finished all too quickly and saturdays hangover is well and truely gone so that promise of "never partying again" that you made to yourself, will quite clearly go out the window this friday!!! :)

I don't know what it is that makes mondays so shite, it's just like any other day really..... bar the fact you've just had a few days off, and you've still got to work all week and time drags out like you're waiting for death all day. But yeah, other than that mondays are great i think!! :S

Well today i want to write about online poker. The online game that makes you feel like you could well become a millionare because the devilfish aint got shizzle on you!!! that is until your pocket aces get beat by a 2,7 off suite that some fool decided to go all in with.....
Yes, all of you who have played at online poker will know what i mean!!
Poker is a game of both chance and skill..... but some of these sons of not nice women, really don't get the skill/luck ratio right.... they completely skip the skill part!!!
Anyway, i wont keep rambling about my incredible tallent of picking up bad beats, i'm going to give you a little review/write up of my favourite poker site, which is where i spend the vast majority of my free time (losing to noobs) is the worlds biggest, most popular online poker room out there! and for good reason. The software it uses isn't the most eye catching, but there are so many offers available to old and new customers and there is always a good game on for you to get into, wether you're looking for low  or high stakes!!
I joined the site a few years back before it became so popular. A lot has changed since then and the main one being all the tournaments and stuff they've boosted!
No matter what time of day you log in, there's big pot tournaments, low spot..... freerolls and tournaments rewarding VIP players (people who deposit often and play in many raked hands)
Just recently pokerstars gave away a lamborghini in one of their tournaments... which to get through to the final, contestants had to get through sattelites! some of which were free.... how cool is that!!
They also have freeroll tournaments every couple of hours, with plenty of tickets to a $2,000 tournament of your choice available to be won!!
The incentives offered by pokerstars are also really good. For every raked hand you play, you earn FPP's (frequent player points) these can be used to purchase things from their online store, or even for entry into cash tournaments.... for example, 10FPP's can get you entry into a $500 tournament. And these things run every 30 minutes or so!!!
There's tournaments and games for different types of poker all day, so it's always convenient no matter what type of poker you enjoy!!

Well hopefully this has wet your appetie and mde you wanna try your hand at on line poker. A few other good sites are:
                     full tilt
                     party poker

maybe me and you will be head to head at a final tournament one day.... if that is the case.... ima take all your chips..ahaaaaaaaaa

peace out x

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday afternoon siesta....

Good atfernoon, everyone. Well the lords day of rest is finally here! (to be honest, every other day is MY day of rest, but i still like to milk sundays)
Lets be honest, the only people who really want to do anything on sundays are churchgoers or car-booters!!! you know the type, up at 5am to go to some groggy sheep shit covered field in the middle of nowhere to go and make maybe £30 selling your old crap to some other fool who'll probably never use it just as much as you didn't!!
I lost count of the ammount of time i got dragged to them as a kid...... it was torture!! the only comfort being that i may, and i mean f*ckin MAY....get a bag of mini doughnuts at some point during our rounds!!
Oh, i'd maybe get a toy or something, nothing extravaggent though let me tell you...... some of the things i got from boot sales looked like they'd been through the wars!!
World famous car boot
But seriously now, what kind of parent does that to a child week in week out for a few months my dad would have said... "there's perfect weather for booting" .......gimme a break :/
The mini doughnnuts were pretty good though, a small but tasty perk for this otherwise soul destroying experience!!
OHHHHH dear... i almost forgot the pork bap man. What's the pork bap man i hear you ask?? well.... yeah suppose you worked it out already. He sells baps.... it really is the ingenious :P
These were no ordinary pork sarnies though. The pork was always good with a decent bit of crackilin.... topped with a dollop of stuffing and a dash if appple sauce..... HEAVEN....... like angels deficating on your tongue!! haha

Well thats enough about car boots. It's sunday afternoon and i have no idea what to do :(
typical sunday, nothing on t.v and no one to hang out with...... however, i do have COD..... but do i really want to waste away another sunday sitting in front of a screen playing army against people all over the world..... guess that was a stupid question really.... OF COURSE I DO!!!!!!   catch ya later peeps

peace out x

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nostalgia much??

Well folks time for my second blog, i'm throwing caution to the wind and not going to review something..... risky or what??
What i want to blog about i'm sure every single one of you has experienced more and more as you've gotten (in my case not so gracefully) older. You can be doing anyhting and then it hits you, BAM, nostalgia. Maybe it was a t.v commercial for an old cartoon you used to watch, or a picture online of your fabourite childhood toy! Whatever it is, nostalgia sure has a way of making you feel that little bit older!!

I'm going to talk about a few of the things that i loved in my childhood. Maybe they will ignite some nostalgia in you..... maybe you hate me right now because you feel old? whatever you feel, just know that age is the only thing that goes up that doesn't come down..... so get used to feelin a looooot of nostalgia as you get even older.... you old git!!  ^_^

firstly, i'm going to talk about one of the most amazing fads to hit the earth...... this was.... the might POG.
For those have you who collected and played POGS, they need no introduction. For those of you who haven't........well....... have a quiet word with yourself damn-it!!!!!
I have no idea what the hell made me like these things so much though to be hoenst, but they were some cool shit. Playing games for keepsies at school (keepsies... who the f*ck cam up with that??)
I used to carry my pogs round in a Chupa Chups POG holder, which looked a little something like this........
This, was in fact something that made me cool...... or so i thought, i was so OTT about the fact i had a case and everything, "how dare you not buy protective caseing for your POGS, peasant!!" i would say to people....... in my head :)
The aim of the game was to stack the pogs up and throw your slammer down to flip the POGS over, any you do, you win!!
Everyone had their own styles to throw the slammer..... to be honest in hindsight i now know that there is in fact no skill whatsoever to that game. Regardless of what i told myself as a kid!!
I didn't really have a technique for my slammer....... what i did have however was one of these bad boys....
"Hell to the yeah" i hear you say.... that right there is a metal chupa chups slammer.... you better recognise that thing right there borke many-a-heart!!!
And yes, maybe it was a bit of a cheat.. do i care, no.. not one little bit.... i needed POGS and i would do anything to get 'em. I liken it to the need for a crackhead to get crack...... O.K, maybe not :)

Secondly i'm gonna write about the all time greats of t.v nostalgia..... here are just a few that popped into my head, over the next few minutes, i'm sure i'll think of many more!!
i'm not going to sit and write a geat ammount about each one, because that would take far too long.... and yes, i am that lazy. But even as i type i'm thinking of more great shows that i used to watch.... superted, rosie and jim, kenan and kel, rockos modern life..... theres too many to even think about writing them all!!
Rugrats was a personal favourite..... i watched it recently and it seems so much different than it did when i was younger. But just watching it gave me that feeling i was young again!
Now, how many of you were young 5-10 year old boys who used to bounce around thinking they were Jet-Li on steroids trying to kick the sh*t out the furniture in the house pretending it was a "baddy".... i knw i did, and why?? mainly down to the fact it looked f'in cool on Power rangers!! It was so blindingly obviously fake but was still great viewing back then!! (mind you, i also straddled the arm of the couch pretending it was the 'top turnbuckle' before pulling of a perfect leg drop on my brothers head... due to wrestling) :)
Doug was weird, i can't really remember much of what it was about, i know he had a dog? but whenever i think of t.v from when i was a kid.... i instantly remember Doug!!
And i included in my little pic, perhaps the greatest show ever....... biker mice from mars mother f*cker!!!!! whoever came up with the idea for that must of been high on something...... but still, AMAZING SHOW!!!

Well, i'm going to leave you with a few pics to hopefuly send you spiralling into nostalgia........ 


Peace out x


Well, firstly i'd like to say hello and welcome you all to my blog....
I'm going to offer reviews on things from movies to gadgets to books to.......well......whatever i can think of to review :)

Hopefully you'll find my posts usefull and be maybe you'll wanna try the things out for yourself!

whatever the outcome from reading this, feel free to leave comments and follow my blog for future reviews (and potential ramblings..)

Well i suppose i should start as i mean to finish, my first review is going to be about family guy, well, i can't really say this is a review...... this is more me telling you how amazing family guy is!!!! and to be honest, if you don't already know that i suggest you get your head out of whatever bucket it has obviously been in over recent years!!
I think family guy is so renowned i don't really have to give a description as to what it's about........ if you don;t already know, think simpsons....... after hours!!

Firstly, check this clip out...... from the episode "stewroids" where Stewie gets pumped full of juice and naturally.... it goes to his head!

Another side splittingly funny episode is where Brian owes Stewie money and he loses his frekin mind and goes to town on Brian in a way that would make Al Capone cringe!!

And if you haven't seen this clip or the episode it came from, watch this and have fun trying to get the damn song out of your head!

well, there's a few little tasterd from the best show ever to grace a T.V screen, let's be honest, when that chap invented the T.V, he had shows like family guy on his mind.... he knew what he wanted and what he had to do to get it. Just a shame he had to put all that effort in really!
But yeah, if you haven't watched family guy before i suggest you sit your ass down and school yourself on how amazing it is!!
and if you already know how amazing it is...... why are you still reading this??? get your ass watching that shizzle too!!!!!!

check out more family guy slips on the youtube link -------------->
also check out the scouse toy story ones, if you're english, you'll laugh your t*ts off!!! ^_^

peace out for now x